A friend of mine is adopting one child from Africa, and another friend is adopting two kids from an African country.  This is an expensive effort.  They had a huge yard sale and rallied our church and community behind them.  It was a complete success.  And they should be able to bring these children home soon.

One child.

Two children.

Saved from a desperate situation and in a loving home in a stable country filled with opportunity.

That’s the goal, right?  I mean, I should be super excited about this, right?  So why am I thinking so much about this?

One, two, three, four…

This is going to take forever.  I mean, really.  This is going to take forever.  Trying to help the desperate situations in Africa by simply pulling kids out of the country one at a time is not going to work.  And here’s the reason why: we are not changing the context.

The goal should not images 2be to pull a few children out in order to help them.  The goal should be to change the context so that families can take care of themselves.  Adopting kids from African countries does not change the context of the situation. People would need to do that forever in order to always help these children.  But if we focus our efforts instead on changing the context through infrastructure, macro-economy, imports/exports, and large-scale things – then we can create a context where the families can provide everything they need for their own children.

Bottomline: I appreciate my friends who are adopting these African children very much.  This is an amazing response to critical issues.  And it will change the lives of these children.  For sure.  No doubt.

But I hope that soon we can all focus our efforts on a strategy that can help end these problems by changing the context.  Or else we are going to have to adopt forever.

One, two, three, four…

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