Those who are “less fortunate”.

This is a phrase that no doubt you have heard.  But I was really thinking about it the other day, and there is something that is really not accurate about it.  I mean, why do we say that people are less fortunate?  Is it really that simple – they just haven’t been fortunate?  And that’s why they are in the position that they are in?  While luck definitely plays a part in our lives, it in no way defines who we are.  People living in poverty are not there because they are less fortunate.  It is definitely not that simple.

People living in poverty struggle throughout life because of lack of education, lack of opportunities, lack of resources, and a host of other reasons.  Some are born into poverty and can never escape.  Some are born into countries that have terrible economies and struggle with a ton of different social issues.  Really, when you look at it and think about it, there are hundreds of reasons why people are living in a state of poverty – and none of them have to do with being “fortunate”.

So why am images aaaI saying this?  I am pointing this out because I want us to begin to change our perception of those living in poverty.  People living in poverty are not just having some bad luck and they will be back on their feet as soon as their lives become a little more “fortunate”.  It’s not that simple.  It’s not that fluffy.  It’s not like that.  Poverty is real, raw, and not going away.  We need to see it for what it is.  We need to respond to it accurately.

Less fortunate?

It is definitely not that simple.

And it is important to know that.

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