Willy nilly.

Two of my favorite words combining into one unforgettable phrase.  Willy nilly.  I just smile to myself as I say it out loud.

But does this word describe the way that compassionate, development, and humanitarian aid organizations go about their strategy and plans?  Obviously not.  I mean, that would be crazy, right?  No organization should go about their actions just willy nilly without a rhyme or reason.  There needs to be intention, strategy, and an end goal.  Every organization and leader should think about these questions:

What is your starting pimages 13oint?

What is your ending point (end goal)?

What is the big picture, overall point towards which you are always working?

If organizations cannot answer these three simple questions, then they need to reassess what they do and why they do it.  The issues and needs in the world are too important for organizations and leaders to go about them just willy nilly.  There has to be starting points.  Ending points.  An end goal.  A big picture understanding.  A foundation.  A vision.  A clear mission.

Willy nilly.

Two really fun words.

But hopefully not used too much for your organization.

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